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Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

 President Bogdan Karczmarz was a prize-winner of the annual 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year contest in the category of large companies. The Board of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Kalisz has elected for the fourth time the most creative entrepreneurs characterized by bravery, ability to make risky decisions and experience in managing the company. The award was presented by the President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce – Marek Antczak accompanied by the Board Members: Anna Paterska, Margota Suszyńska and Andrzej Spychalski.

When expressing his thanks for the recognition, President Bogdan Karczmarz did not fail to mention employees emphasizing their contribution in success of the company, which despite the economic downturn shows positive business results, vast R&D investments for engineering modernization of Asz engine, building a new PZL-200 engine and growth of its aircraft engine sale markets (CHINA, FORMER SOVIET REPUBLICS, USA) and cooperation with such aviation potentates as AVIO, GOODRICH, PRATT & WHITNEY.

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