Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego
ul Częstochowska 140,
62-800 Kalisz

tel. 62 504 61 00 (switchboard)
fax  62 503 24 33

Board office:



 Main groups of products and services supplied by the Company:

  – aircraft piston engines in radial arrangement ASz-62IR-16, ASz-62IR-M18, ASz-62IR-M18/K9-BB,
  – overhauls of manufactured engines ASz-62IR, AI-14AR,
  – assemblies, subassemblies and components for manufactured aircraft engines,
  – products designed for fan engines: thin-walled housings, compressor housings, seal rings, high-speed

     reduction gears and transmissions, shafts and gears,
  – products designed for compressor-ignition engines: crankshafts, master connecting-rods, articulated

     connecting-rods, planet shafts, housings, rotors, turbo-compressor diffusers, oil gear pumps, gearbox

     and pump housings, gears and gear components,
  – industrial services including heat treatment and thermochemical treatment.



We hereby inform that currently the company WSK "PZL-KALISZ" S.A does not perform overhauls of AI-14RA engines family due to:
    - Loss of manufacturing capacity of main engine components and subassemblies ,
    - Shortage of material suppliers (castings, forgings ,etc.) necessary for engine manufacturing,
    - Lack of engine accessories suppliers,
    - Lack of interest from counterparties in resuming or starting cooperation due to too low demand for engines.
At the same time, we offer sale of spare parts held on stock. Full list of offered spare parts can be find in Aftermarket service/List of spare parts tab.

The range of services provided by WSK „PZL-KALISZ” S.A. is broadened by its subsidiaries:

– "Narzędziownia - Mechanik " Sp. z o.o. – manufacturing of specjalist tooling, machine tool overhauls, machining services.