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The primary of the Quality System in WSK „PZL-KALISZ”S.A. is the written Quality Manual, whose baseline results from a need to constantly improve the Quality System and introduce goods of increasingly higher quality requirements.
Fulfillment of those requirements is a way and method to strengthen WSK „PZL-KALISZ”S.A. position among top representatives of the aviation industry.




Proper functioning of the system is validated by certificates received for the following:

 • aircraft piston engines – Type Certificate issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), FEE, MAK, China and other domestic aviation supervision authorities.
 • Quality Management Systems according to the requirements of the following standards and regulations:
   - ISO 9001 awarded by TŰV Management Service in 1999,
   - AS 9100 awarded by Bureau Veritas Certification in 2009,
   - aviation regulations:
   - PART – 145 for repair of aircraft engines granted by the Civil Aviation Authority in 2000,
   - PART – 21”G” for production of aircraft engines granted by the Civil Aviation Authority in 2001,
   - PART – 21”B” for managing the aircraft engine designing and certification process granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency in 2005
   - Allied Quality Assurance Publication AQAP – 2110 on NATO quality assurance requirements granted by the Department of Quality and Management Systems in 2002
 • Special processes according to NADCAP.