Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego
ul Częstochowska 140,
62-800 Kalisz

tel. 62 504 61 00 (switchboard)
fax  62 503 24 33

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About us


 Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego „PZL-KALISZ”S.A. is a company of long-term tradition. Its origin goes back to 1941when the Germans began to build a complex of buildings called “Zollern – WerkeWeserFlug” for industrial purposes. After the war in 1946 the company got nationalized and changed its name for Państwowe Zakłady Samochodowe (National Automotive Plant). The name reflected its business profile. The enterprise repaired trucks and cars and carried out overhauls of combustion engines.

Throughout its existence the company changed its name and business profile a number of times, including:


   • Państwowe Zakłady Samochodowe (National Automotive Plant) – 1946,
   • Zakłady Sprzętu Samochodowego (Automotive Equipment Plant) – 1949,
   • Kaliskie Zakłady Naprawy Samochodów (Car Repair Plant in Kalisz) – 1951,
   • Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego (Transportation Equipment Plant) „Delta – Kalisz” – 1952.


The company assumed its present name of WSK „PZL-KALISZ”S.A. on 17 October 1996. Pursuant to Art. 17 of the Law of 3 February 1993 financial restructuring of enterprises and banks and other amendments, the national company was commercialized and turned into a commercial company.

Most important events in the history of the company, which changed its profile in 1952 and joined the group of renowned aircraft industry enterprises:

• 1952 – manufacturing of 5-cylinder air-cooled 125 KM M-11D and M-11Fr powering PO-2, Css-13 and Junak

• 1956 – onset of production of 9-cylinder 260 KM AI-14R engine powering Jak-12, Gawron and Wilga aircraft,
• 1957 – launch of production of 7-cylinder 320 KM WN-3 radial engine powering TS-6 Bies aircraft,
• 1960 – launch of production of 9-cylinder 1000 KM ASz-62IR radial engine powering AN-1 and Dromader

• 1970 – launch of production of non-aircraft engines including Henschel Diesel engines with and without

                turbocharge, oil pumps to those and Leyland engines and valve rods for Fiat and Leyland engines

                as well as centrifugal compressors for Diesel engines. Production of crankshafts fore various types

                of Diesel engines, gears, housing of high complexity,
• 1971 – launch of production of WK-1A i WK-1F fan engines of 2700 and 3440 kG thrust powering Lim-2

                and Lim-5 aircraft,
• 1975 – as one of the enterprises clustered in Zjednoczenie Przemysłu Lotniczego i Silnikowego „PZL”

                it changed its name for Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego „PZL-Kalisz”,
• 1979 – launch of production of systems controlling flaps, slots and rudders for IŁ 86 and IŁ 96 aircraft,
• 1987 – launch of production of a new 960 KM TWD-10B turbo-propeller engine powering AN-28 aircraft,
• 1994 – onset of cooperation with ENGINE SYSTEMS, currently GENERAL ELECTRIC TRANSPORTATION

                SYSTEMS, within production of components for traction engines (piston inserts, connecting-rods,

• 1995 – onset of cooperation with HISPANO SUIZA, currently TURBOMECA, within production of rotors and with

                SZULER TEXTIL within production of components for textile machines,
• 2010 – pursuant to Government Regulation of 4 October 2010, WSK „PZL-KALISZ”S.A., was awarded

                the status of strategic importance for the Polish economy as a company running business for

                the State security and defense and for international peace and safety,
• 2011 – upgrade of AS 62IR engine for power and electronic control of engine performance,
• 2011-2012 – design of a new 200 KW pro-ecological PZL-200 piston engine.