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The information contained in WSK “PZL-KALISZ” S.A. service does not constitute a commercial offer in the understanding of the Civil Code. The service owner takes every effort to enter only true and valid data there, however, it assumes no responsibility for possible damages arising from its use.


While using the web service of Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego “PZL-KALISZ” S.A., a cookie file is installed on the user’s computer whose job is to create statistics of the user’s activities while visiting the service. The cookie file has a text format and the data it provides enable adjustment of the service to the user’s individual preferences and may be used by WSK “PZL-KALISZ” S.A. to this end. Data stored by the file are absolutely anonymous. The cookie does not collect or reproduce the user’s personal or such other information that would allow their identification. The service user may delete the cookie file from their computer, however, they need to be aware that it may limit their access to certain WWW functionalities and impede or preclude its correct operation.

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