The field of company’s activity

WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. is a production plant which performs activities mainly in the aviation business. The company is in possession of fully up-to-date machinery and construction and technologically qualified staff. The Company performs complex production processes on its own along with comprehensive design of all technological processes’ elements, according to worldwide aviation business requirements. It ensures the highest quality of products due to owned quality certificates and extensive quality control processes of manufactured products.

WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A.  offers its expertise and 70 years long experience in the following fields:

  • Manufacturing products,
  • Industrial services,
  • including:
    • Machining,
    • Plastic processing,
    • Thermal treatment,
    • Chemical treatment.

The aim of our activity is meeting quality and safety requirements in manufactured products.


The main groups of the Company’s manufactured products and provided services are as follows:

  • Radial piston aircraft engines ASz-62IR, ASz-IR-16E, ASz-62IR-M18
  • Repair of mainly produced engines ASz-62IR
  • Assemblies, subassemblies and parts of produces aircraft engines
  • Products for flow engines: thin-walled casings, compressor casings, gaskets, reducers and high-speed gearboxes, gears and gear shafts
  • Products for compression – ignition engines: crankshafts, master connecting rods, side connecting rods, pins, casings, impellers, diffusers for turbochargers, gear oil pumps, gearbox and pomp casings, gears and camshaft parts
  • Industrial services within thermal treatment and thermal-chemical treatment.

The offer of WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. is extended by a Subsidiary within:

  • Machine tools’ renovations
  • Machining services
  • Production of special tooling ‘Narzędziownia – Mechanik’ Ltd.

We cooperate with: