Aircraft engines

A nine-cylinder piston air-cooled engine of 1000 KM power with electronically controlled fuel injection system has EASA E.140 certificate issued by European Aviation Safety Agency.

Drive mechanism developed on the basis of a tested construction of carburettor engine ASz-62IR-16 uses newly developed electronical control system ECU, controlling the proper unit work with the use of numerous speed monitors, pressure and temperature of different systems. By means of feedback information collected from sensors, the control unit monitors the BOSCH fuel injectors’ work to optimise the quantity of proper fuel-air mixture in a cylinder.

Such solution allows for reducing the use of fuel of 20% and makes it possible to use considerably cheaper car fuel. Significant reduction of harmful fumes compounds emission has positive influence on environment.

The engine is designed for An-2 airframes, produced in different versions – agricultural, transport, transport and landing, passenger, water on floats and  is exploited in many countries all over the world. An-2 is characterised by simplicity and construction reliability, as well as exceptional resistance to exploitation in field conditions.

Technical data :

The arrangement of the cylindersPojedyncza gwiazda
Number of cylinders9
Cooling factorAir
Cylinder diameter155,5 mm
Piston stroke174,5 – 175,3 mm
Displacement29 870 cm3
Take-off power735 kW/ 2200 obr/min
Nominal power603 kW/ 2100 obr/min
Total mass576 kg
Lenght1328 mm
Diameter1380 mm
Unit fuel consumption326 ÷ 347 g/kW •h (0,75 nominal power)
FuelAvgas 100LL aviation gasoline
Aviation gasoline WA UL 91
Car gasoline E5 (LO95 and more)

After-sales service :

  • The list bulletins of AI-14 RA and AI- 14 RC engines
  • The list of spare parts to AI-14RA engine

  • The list of bulletins of ASz 62 IR engine
  • The list of spare parts to ASz – 62 IR

In case of interest in purchasing listed spare parts,
a request for quotation should be sent to:

Please note

Company WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. currently does not perform repairs of engines from AI-14R group due to:

  • Loss of production capacity of main engine elements and subassemblies,
  • Lack of material suppliers (castings, forgings, etc.) necessary to engine production,
  • Lack of engine parts suppliers,
  • Lack of interest on the part of contractors to resume or start cooperation due to low volume of demand for engines.

At the same time, we offer sale of stored spare parts. Full list of spare parts can be found in a tab ‘after-sale service’ / ‘list of parts’.

Parts to aircraft engines

  • Products for flow engines: thin-walled casings, compressor casings, gaskets, reducers and high-speed gearboxes, gears and gear shafts
  • Products for compression – ignition engines: crankshafts, master connecting rods, side connecting rods, pins, casings, impellers, diffusers for turbochargers, gear oil pumps, gearbox and pomp casings, gears and camshaft parts

The offer of WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. is extended by a Subsidiary within:

  • Production of specialised tooling for different types of productive operations,
  • Manufacturing control-measuring equipment such as gauges, measuring and control devices adjusted to client’s needs,
  • Tooling and gauges construction according to client’s needs
  • Machining and thermal treatment within single and small batch production.

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phone. 62 504 61 00

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