Products and services

The main groups of the Company’s manufactured products and provided services are as follows:

  • Radial piston aircraft engines ASz-62IR-16, ASz-IR-16E, ASz-62IR-M18
  • Repair of mainly produced engines ASz-62IR
  • Assemblies, subassemblies and parts of produces aircraft engines
  • A wide range of best quality of gears and gear shafts meeting the requirements of world aviation,
  • Products for flow engines: thin-walled casings, compressor casings, gaskets, reducers and high-speed gearboxes, gears and gear shafts
  • Products for compression – ignition engines: crankshafts, master connecting rods, side connecting rods, pins, casings, impellers, diffusers for turbochargers, gear oil pumps, gearbox and pomp casings, gears and camshaft parts
  • Industrial services within thermal treatment and thermal-chemical treatment.


Company WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. currently does not perform repairs of engines from AI-14R group due to:

  • Loss of production capacity of main engine elements and subassemblies,
  • Lack of material suppliers (castings, forgings, etc.) necessary to engine production,
  • Lack of engine parts suppliers,
  • Lack of interest on the part of contractors to resume or start cooperation due to low volume of demand for engines.

At the same time, we offer sale of stored spare parts. Full list of spare parts can be found in a tab ‘after-sale service’ / ‘list of parts’

The offer of WSK ‘PZL-KALISZ’ S.A. is extended by a Subsidiary within:

  • Production of specialised tooling for different types of productive operations,
  • Manufacturing control-measuring equipment such as gauges, measuring and control devices adjusted to client’s needs,
  • Tooling and gauges construction according to client’s needs
  • Machining and thermal treatment within single and small batch production.

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